How to make an Ancient Egyptian costume

Shabtis from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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    • Help! You need an Ancient Egyptian outfit, like this Ancient Egyptian tunic, for school tomorrow and it's got to be easy to make… But don't worry because here's our simple, no-sew, Show Me version…

      A photograph showing two children in Egyptian costumes
      For the no-sew tunic you will need:

      • An old white sheet (that your parents don't mind you cutting up!),
      • sewing scissors
      • measuring tape.

      Get a grown-up to measure you for the length of your outfit to just below your knee.

      A photo of a person measuring a white sheet with a tape measure.
      For our 9 year old models, we cut a metre in length and 70cm for the width but you can make yours bigger or smaller depending on your size.

      Next, you have to fold the material lengthwise in half and cut a quarter shape out of the folded corner for your neck hole as shown in the photo.

      A white sheet with the corner cut out.
      Now you can put the tunic on - just use a belt round your waist to secure your tunic in place.

      The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London has an Ancient Egyptian tunic known as the Tarkhan Dress. It's one of the oldest surviving garments in the world, and you can find out more about the Ancient Egyptian tunic with Show Me.

      Egyptian Accessories

      Your basic costume is finished but you need some accessories to really made you look like an Egyptian. You can find out how to make an Ancient Egyptian bead collaror Ancient Egyptian scarab necklace.

      Head dress

      We glued pumpkin seeds along a strip of card and then painted it gold for the headdress but you can just create a pattern with felt tip pens.

      Photo showing a make and do Ancient Egyptian headdress with pumpkin seeds painted gold as a decoration.
      Good luck making your outfit.

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