A photograph showing the upper part of a linen v-necked dress with pleated sleeves. The dress shows signs of wear and tear.

UCL, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

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    Teacher notes
    • This tunic is also known as the Tarkhan Dress.

      It is one of the oldest surviving pieces of clothing in the world. Although it was excavated in 1913, it wasn't until 1977 that it was really discovered. How could this be possible? The Petrie Museum, where you can see this tunic, can tell you the story behind the Tarkhan Dress' discovery.

      Things to think about...

      • The museum tells us that the dress had 'been worn in life' - who do you think might have worn something like this?
      • Why do you think there aren't many examples of ancient clothing left?
      What do you think of the Tarkhan Dress? If you think it would make a great outfit, Show Me has a guide to making an Egyptian Costume for you.
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