Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters

Painting showing a winter scene with many figures ice skating or working in the snow

Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters by Hendrick Avercamp, Public Domain

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  • Intro
    Museum's Description
    • This painting shows hundreds of people and animals on a snowy day. The artist has cleverly depicted how some people are able to enjoy the cold weather by ice-skating or playing hockey while others have to keep working, even in difficult conditions. Take a closer look and see what activities you can see.

      Things to think about...
      • How many activities can you see?
      • Does it look like people are having fun?
      •   Do you think that this painting is an idealised picture of a frozen, winter morning or accurate?
      • What kind of things do you think the frozen river would lead to - would any problems arise? How would you fix them?
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