Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum

    • In 1895 the Birthplace Cottage was bought as a surprise 60th birthday present for Andrew Carnegie by his wife Louise and then let out to tenants. With the creation of the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust in 1903, a caretaker was installed and in 1908 it was first opened to the public. In 1909 Andrew Carnegie wrote in the visitors book 'First visit to my birthplace. The humble home of honest poverty... Best heritage when one has a heroine for a mother.' The day that Dunfermline put out the flags for its benefactor Andrew Carnegie is captured in the celebrated oil painting 'The Dunfermline Demonstrations' - today the focal point of the foyer in the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum, Dunfermline. After the death of her husband (11th August 1919) Mrs. Carnegie proposed and funded the erection of a Memorial Treasure House adjoining the Birthplace. The linked buildings of the Cottage and Memorial Hall were formally opened on 28th June 1928, the ceremony beginning with the switching on by Carnegie's grandchildren of a granite water fountain quarried on Carnegie's Highland estate of Skibo, near Dornoch.
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