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Mansfield Museum

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    • Discover Mansfield Museum The five galleries of Mansfield Museum contain a fascinating mix of contemporary and modern displays, from the exquisite Buxton watercolours and Pinxton porcelain to the hands-on XplorActive environment gallery. Images of Mansfield introduces the visitor to the social history of the area and a rolling programme of national and local temporary exhibitions ensures there is always something new to see. Made in Mansfield The museum arcade is home to an exciting exhibition about the people and companies that made Mansfield a centre of industry. The gallery looks at eight of the more well-known industries that built Mansfield’s reputation for manufacturing and features artefacts, photos, film and audio relating to the major past and present employers of the town: Metal Box, Shoe Co, Mansfield Brewery, Barrs Soft Drinks, hosiery, precision engineering, mining, foundries and quarrying. XplorActive The most interactive of our permanent galleries focuses on helping children (and their parents) understand the crucial part they play in sustaining their environment. Hands-on activities encourage them to trace, weigh, find, draw, peep and twist their way through a journey from the kitchen to the edge of the wood, via the street, the park and the river. Escapes One of the Museum’s most popular features is its constantly changing catalogue of short-term displays. Two galleries host displays of the work of local artists alongside stimulating and sometimes provocative travelling exhibitions featuring nationally known artists. Learning Journeys The Museum encourages all aspects of life-long learning via formal schools education visits, more playful Fun Art workshops and Growing Bolder’s menu of art and craft sessions for older people.
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