Dunham Massey - National Trust

Historic house or home
A photograph taken from the garden at Dunham Massey with the house in the background and bright plants in the forwground

Dunham Massey house and garden

© National Trust / Dave Jones

    • Set within a wall of warm red brick Dunham Massey is home to over 400 years' worth of family history, a herd of fallow deer and a pleasure-seekers garden. 'Dunham's Lost Years' has seen the house transformed to tell a tale of love, status and scandal which changed Dunham's history forever. Outdoors, a homely garden awaits with colourful swathes of planting and a sweeping lawn at its centre – a great spot for a picnic. The stables and working mill are also close by, but for those who want to escape deeper into park, take one of the tree-lined avenues spotting deer along the way.
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