Crawley Museum

Front view of Crawley Museum

The entrance to Crawley Museum showing the old and new parts of the building.

© Owen Cooban

    • Crawley Museum is a place where you can find out about the history of the town and the surrounding areas. We tell the history of Crawley through objects and and exhibits along with the stories associated with them. We have an active programme of events, temporary exhibitions and permanent collections which reflect various aspects of the town and the local area's development. We have educational and entertaining aspects alongside the historical, making the space appealing to all. Our collections include objects from Crawley's prehistory and iron age beginnings, its medieval settlement, the Victorian town and the 20th Century New Town development. We also collect contemporary objects, putting them in context with society today, as well as their connections with the past. We celebrate Crawley’s communities today through our oral history collections, temporary exhibitions and community engagement projects. Items on permanent display include our 1903 Rex Forecar and a Bronze Age sword. We also have a temporary exhibition space with displays which change regularly, but which always reflect the varied and rich community which makes Crawley its home.
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