South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre

    • At last, after years of planning, fund-raising and hard work, the South Downs Planetarium is a reality. It will be one of the largest planetaria in the British Isles, and it will be a properly scientific planetarium, not a peep-show. All the same, I have come across one or two people who say "Why create an artificial sky when the real one is there for our inspection?" There are quite a number of reasons - and one stands out at once. The real sky is not always available for inspection. We have better weather here than anywhere else in Britain (which, remember, is why King George V went to Bognor when he was recuperating, even if he did make that unfortunate remark about it!). But the skies are very often cloudy, even here, and usually clouds roll up at the wrong moment, making observers miss some unusual and important celestial event. In the planetarium, we can have clouds or not, as we wish!
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