Hat Works

Hat blocks on the machinery floor

    • Hat Works is the UK's first and only museum dedicated to the hatting industry, headwear and hats. It is the winner of "Best Small Visitor Attraction 2002" awarded by England's Northwest Tourist Board. Hat Works is situated in an old cotton mill opposite Stockport Bus Station and only a two minute walk from Stockport Train station. At Hat Works you can learn about Stockport's fantastic historic history with hats and how the industry flourished throughout the 19th century. Watch the hat makers as they reveal the art and mystery of hat making with working machinery. Enjoy the vast collection of hats on display ranging from the fine felt hats of the early 1800's to the catwalk fashion of the 21st century! Visit Stockport's very own Yurt (felt tent). And there's more… relax whilst having a bite to eat or drink in the level 2 Internet Café.
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