Hailes Abbey - National Trust

Sacred space
c13th ruins of Hailes Abbey, Gloucestershire

© National Trust Images/L A Sparrow

    • The Cistercian abbey of Hailes was founded in 1246 in Gloucestershire by the Earl of Cornwall in thanks for surviving a shipwreck. Though never housing large numbers of monks, it held a renowned relic, ‘the Holy Blood of Hailes’ – allegedly a phial of Christ’s own blood. After the dissolution in 1539 just a few of the cloister arches remained, together with the foundations of the church. Today it is a beautiful and serene spot for a picnic in the Cotswold countryside and everyone in the family can be guaranteed an interesting, relaxed day out at Hailes Abbey. Bring the abbey to life with our vivid interpretation panels and free audio tour and see site finds in the museum. Imagine how the monks and lay brothers once lived, ate and slept, and see the clever Cistercian drain which still works after 750 years.
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