Penshurst Place and Gardens

Heritage site
    • Though at its heart a medieval and Tudor building, the house has been modified and extended over the centuries. Eight architectural styles are evident, with plenty for visitors to explore in it's fascinating history - and still many mysteries to be revealed. Penshurst Place has been owned by the Sidney family since 1552; after passing through the hands of two of Henry IV's sons, then the Dukes of Buckingham, followed by, on the beheading of 3rd Duke of Buckingham, becoming the property of the Crown during the reign of Henry VIII - with documentation Henry used it as a hunting lodge. Given to Anne of Cleves as part of her divorce settlement from Henry VIII, it was then briefly in the hands of Sir Ralph Fane who was executed in 1552. Finally, Penshurst Place estate was gifted to the Sidney family by Henry VIII's son, Edward VI; to his loyal steward and tutor, Sir William Sidney. Sir William's grandson, and briefly owner of Penshurst Place, was the poet and courtier Sir Philip Sidney.
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