Battersea Arts Centre - BAC

Artist studio or collective
A fine old red and white building housing an arts centre

© Ewan Munro, via Wikimedia Commons

    • BAC is a registered charity and limited company. It is revenue funded by Wandsworth Borough Council, Arts Council England, London and the Association of London Government, and receives additional capital and project funding from a variety of sources including the Arts Council England. In 1999/2000 the consolidated turn over reached a record £1.3 million with just over 250,000 people attending over 1300 events. BAC aims to create and promote exciting, innovative, accessible, high quality and surprising arts activity through creative collaboration between artists, staff and public. BAC places education and the opportunity for growth at the centre of all of its activities. Our core constituencies are artists, public and staff. Our core activity is creative collaboration between these groups.
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