Malton Museum

Image of a goddess painted on to plaster

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    • Malton Museum is Ryedale's major archaeological museum, located in the heart of Malton's market place and housed in an 18th Century butter market. The Museum houses an interesting array of Roman finds, from manicure sets to wall plaster paintings. Most of these have been discovered locally, the most recent find being a burial urn discovered by a local workman installing a new street light on a housing estate in nearby Norton. Visit Wharram Percy Exhibition to find out about more about this deserted medieval village, just a short journey away. Malton Museum hosts a superb exhibition showcasing some of the finds recovered during one of the most important archaeological excavations of the 20th Century. Discover what the excavations revealed about day to day living in Medieval times. Learn about the people who lived at Wharram Percy and find out what life was really like.
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