Shibden Hall

shibden hall

© photographepete via wikimedia commons

    • For over 300 hundred years Shibden Hall was the home of the Lister family, but the house itself is even older, first built in about 1420. Many generations of people and their families have lived and worked here, and all have left their mark on its history. Shibden’s owners were people with whom we can identify today. On moving into the house they changed the decorations as personal taste and fashion demanded. They added to the building and they took things away. They did not freeze their home at a certain date, but were happy to place furnishings they liked and examples of new technology alongside the things they inherited. The Hall today reflects this continual development. The house is an accumulation of objects of many dates, providing evidence of how people lived throughout Shibden’s time as a family home. The rooms and displays are set out as if someone has just slipped out for a moment, and may return just after you have moved on.
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