National Roman Legion Museum

    • Almost 2000 years ago, the Roman Empire dominated the civilised world. Britain was its furthest outpost and, in AD 75, a fortress was founded at Caerleon which would guard the region for over 200 years. Today, at the Roman Legionary Museum Caerleon, you will learn what made the Romans a formidable force. You'll see how they lived, slept and ate; how they marched and practised for battle; which gods they worshipped, and which jewels they wore and valued. Children visiting in the holidays can dress up in Roman costume and take part in all sorts of activities, and they can visit the nearby Amphitheatre where specators watched real Gladiators battle to death. How did it feel to be a Roman soldier? Find out at the Roman Legionary Museum Caerleon. The Capricorn Centre is an exciting addition for schools and families. Step back in time into a full-size barrack room, try on a replica suit of armour, see how food was prepared, peel away the centuries to explore the life of a legionary soldier.
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