Christ Church Picture Gallery

After Michelangelo

    • Christ Church is unique among the Oxford and Cambridge colleges in possessing an important collection of Old Master paintings and drawings, housed in a purpose-built Gallery of considerable architectural interest in itself. General John Guise bequeathed his collection of over 200 paintings and almost 2000 drawings to his former college, where it arrived after his death in 1765. This extraordinary gift enabled Christ Church to introduce art into Oxford education without the necessity to travel to Italy or to gain access to stately homes, which still held the majority of art collections in the country. At that date the collection was unequalled by any other Oxford institution. The collection was reinforced by the subsequent gifts by the Hon. William Fox-Strangways (37 paintings, given in 1828 and 1834), including Filippino Lippi’s ‘The Wounded Centaur’, and by the family of the poet Walter Savage Landor (26 paintings, given in 1897). A number of subsequent gifts and bequests of paintings enabled Christ Church’s art collection to grow, until today it consists of some 300 paintings and almost 2000 drawings. The purpose-built gallery conceived to house the collection was designed by the architects Powell and Moya and was opened in 1968 by Her Majesty the Queen. Previously the paintings had been mainly hung in the Library.
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