Shaw House

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Shaw House Elizabethan red brick house Newbury

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    • Shaw House is a large Elizabethan house; it was built in 1581 by the Dolman family. It was a family home until the 20th century. It was a school for many years and was then left empty before being restored from 2005 - 2007. At weekends and selected days during the school holidays the house is open to the public. During the week the house is a meeting and conference venue. It also houses council offices and West Berkshire Registration Office for Births, Deaths and Ceremonies Shaw House is an unfurnished historic house. Your visit will take you through nine rooms, which have original features such as fireplaces, panelling, plaster-work and wallpaper. There are two exhibition rooms. Here you can discover more about the history of the house with stories and objects from the 1500s to the 2000s. There are activity stations in some rooms to help your family find out more about the house, we call these Wheelie-Do’s. There are two activity rooms with books, activities and puzzles. There are always two creative activities so your family can make a memento to take away with you. The activities are aimed at visitors aged 3 years and older. There are books and toys available for our very youngest visitors. There are two trails available free of charge to help families explore Shaw House and discover some of its hidden stories and secrets. The Picture Trail is aimed at younger families and the History Quest is aimed at families with older children.
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