Royston and District Museum

royston and district museum

© jo edkins via wikimedia commons

    • Royston is a small market town which grew up at the point where two ancient roads cross—the Icknield Way and Ermine Street. Its history is reflected in the Royston Tapestry at the Museum, a project initiated in 1992 by previous curator Jane Vincent and depicting scenes from the town’s past. A museum was first established in Royston in 1856, when it was housed in the Institute Building, but in 1901 a decision was taken to close it and the collection was unfortunately sent for auction and dispersed. Many of the finest items were bought by collectors, though some were later returned for the current collection through the generosity of individual purchasers. The Museum is also fortunate in being able to display a magnificent collection of ceramics and glass from the later part of the nineteenth century through to the present day. This is the property of a private collector, who has generously made it available on renewable long-term loan. It includes Laurence McGowan's magnificent Royston Charger, commissioned to commemorate the beginning of a new millennium.
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