Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The Mary Rose Museum

© Mary Rose Trust

    • The Mary Rose was one of the earliest ships to carry heavy guns. She was a favourite of King Henry VIII and sank off Portsmouth in 1545 during an engagement with a French invasion fleet, in full view of the King, the screams of the men onboard, ringing in his ears. The rediscovery of the Mary Rose during the 1970s and her raising in 1982 were seminal events in the history of maritime archaeology, watched by a worldwide audience of over 60 million people and remembered by a generation. The new £35 million Mary Rose Museum opened its doors to visitors in May 2013. The new Mary Rose Museum is dedicated to the 500 men on board that lost their lives and it tells the story through them. Visitors can view the exceptional collection of thousands of personal, domestic and military objects in the Mary Rose Museum.
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