Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson

Aerial view of Fort Nelson from the south

    • This imposing Victorian fort is home to the Royal Armouries national collection of artillery – The Big Guns. Although a cliché, the phrase ‘must see’ truly applies to Fort Nelson’s astonishing collection of different artillery and guns from different time periods. Over 700 items of artillery from many countries and spanning 600 years are brought to life whilst sensitively telling the unique stories behind them. Strategically positioned atop Portsdown Hill, with panoramic views across the Meon Valley and Portsmouth Harbour, Fort Nelson is an historic monument, restored to how it would have been in the 1890s. Visitors can access most areas of the fortifications and see how the Fort would have operated. Daily gun firing every day at 1pm. Admission and parking are free – offering a great day out for all the family during the school holidays, and all year round.
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