Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale Museum

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    • Discover the woman behind the legend. Did you know? * Florence Nightingale did not want to become famous and disliked sitting for portraits or photographs * She struggled for years to persuade her parents to let her become a nurse * As well as caring for people, she loved animals and even carried a pet owl around in her pocket Born into a wealthy family Florence Nightingale yearned for more than the typical Victorian lady’s lifestyle. Now an internationally recognised figure her reputation is well deserved. At the Florence Nightingale Museum you will discover how her impact has been far-reaching in so many fields. She is remembered throughout the world for her work during the Crimean War and as the founder of modern nursing, although this was actually only a fraction of her achievement. Find out about a passionate statistician, writer, campaigner, educationalist and hospital planner whose legacy lives on into the 21st century. Original objects include personal mementos, including her pet owl Athena, prints, paintings, souvenirs from the Crimean War and symbols of nursing. A video, guided tours, activity sheets for children and regular events will help you to make the most of your visit.
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