The Novium

Exterior view of The Novium

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    • The Novium offers intriguing stories from Chichester District connected with extraordinary artefacts in a brand new, state-of-the-art building. Alongside the commitment to preserve our rich local heritage, The Novium also provides visitors with a glimpse into the past 500,000 years. Set in the heart of Chichester, The Novium features exciting exhibitions, dynamic events, interactive activities for all ages, and an award-winning learning programme. The Novium has been purpose built to show the remains of a Roman bath house, which are now uncovered for visitors to see for the first time. But the Roman baths are just one of the many wow factors you will see! Look out for our curiosities case and giant cube case full of treasures from the district. Admire the Chilgrove Mosaic, which dates back to the fourth century AD. And don't miss the Jupiter Stone, a Roman sculpture base dedicated to the god Jupiter from the third century AD. On the second floor you can stop to take in the breath-taking views of the cathedral. You can also 'touch the view' with chimney pots and cathedral stonework placed near the window. Explore our interactive second floor gallery where you can search through drawers for interesting finds, try on a Roman helmet, and even make your own mosaic! Visitors will also find a tourist information centre and a shop offering unique, green and locally made gifts.
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