Greater Manchester Police Museum and Archives

A close up on a red brick building with a blue police sign and blue lampost

Greater Manchester Police Museum

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    • Explore Manchester’s hidden past - a labyrinth of alleyways and slums, interrupted only by the huge mills casting shadows below. An eerie underworld, lit by gas lamps where police officers were kept busy apprehending unsavoury characters of all ages. The Greater Manchester Police Museum and Archives enables you to experience what life was really like for these officers in a busy Victorian police station. You’ll also see how times have changed and how policing has evolved to meet today’s needs. Located in the historic Northern Quarter of Manchester, the Police Museum was one of the city’s earliest police stations and has been lovingly restored to reflect the reality of policing in the late 1800s/ 1900s. See where Manchester’s criminals were charged and fingerprinted. Discover the cells that were often packed with 12 men on a busy night. Why not have a seat on the cell beds with their wooden pillows. Admire the polished wood panels and stained glass of the genuine 1895 Magistrates Court and experience how inmates would have felt standing in the dock. The Museum has modern galleries displaying historic uniform and equipment and vehicles from the 1950s onwards. The Crime Room invites you into the world of forgery and forensic science while our new audio-visual gallery allows you to immerse yourself in history with footage from our on-site archives. If you have an i-phone, download our new museum app! 'One of the city's best kept secrets is this superb museum' Lonely Planet-Great Britain 2009 Review the museum on Trip Advisor
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