Dove Cottage

Dove Cottage, the family home of William Wordsworth

© Wordsworth Trust

    • This traditional Lakeland cottage was the home of the poet William Wordsworth. In 1799, Wordsworth fell in love with Dove Cottage and Grasmere whilst on a walking tour of the Lake District and within a few months had set up home here with his sister, Dorothy. It was whilst living here that Wordsworth produced the most famous and best-loved of his poems and Dorothy wrote fascinating Grasmere journals. In this inspiring landscape of lakes and fells, largely unspoilt since Wordsworth’s time, it’s easy to understand why he called this valley the ‘calmest, fairest spot of earth’. An entertaining guided tour of Dove Cottage gives a vivid impression of what day-to-day life would have been like for Wordsworth and his family, as well as providing the opportunity to soak up the unique and creative atmosphere of the cottage. Afterwards, take a stroll through the delightful fell-side garden behind the cottage, which Wordsworth referred to as a ‘little domestic slip of mountain’. The garden has been restored to the half-wild state that Wordsworth and Dorothy lovingly created from local plants and materials. It was a place of peace and inspiration for Wordsworth, who would often compose poetry outdoors.
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