Dorset County Museum

    • Dorset County Museum contains a wealth of information about Dorset’s culture and history. Six Galleries set out nearly 200 million years of Dorset’s history, culture and its natural environment. Two of the most popular galleries are the Ancient Dorset and the Jurassic Coast galleries. In the form of a Tableau, the Ancient Dorset Gallery displays the lives and artefacts that the many different peoples who lived on and around the South Dorset Ridgeway left. It starts with the Ancient Britons and progresses to the Romans, Saxons and Vikings. The fascinating displays show the jewellery, coins and pottery that these peoples left. Wonderful Roman mosaics are on the floor and walls of the museum. In the Jurassic Coast gallery the fossilised jaw and skull of a Pliosaur has the title of the ‘World’s biggest bite’. Many other fossils from the museum’s extensive collection show the history of the Jurassic Coast. In the other Galleries the lives of famous Dorset writers, notably Thomas Hardy and Rural Dorset is set out reflecting the cultural life of the county through the ages. There are always new events and exhibitions that will be interesting for the whole family, in short a must see attraction for visitors to Dorchester.
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