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Charlotte's Dastardly Spells And Potions

September 06 2004

A Show Me reader from Essex has been very busy lately, creating these fantastic spells and potions. Charlotte, aged 15, is a fan of JK Rowling's Harry Potter books and was inspired to write in with her spells after looking at the Show Me Trail for Young Wizards.

Shows a pencil drawing of a witches hat, with an evil-looking face in it's folds. The words 'Not Slytherin, hey you could be great - the sorting hat' are written next to it.

Not only does she write spells and potions, but she draws too. Recognise this hat?

© Charlotte Evans.

Thanks for all the spells Charlotte - we think they're great. Not sure where we're going to get hold of minotaur pus or the teeth of a venomous tentaculla though. Any ideas anyone?

For all those of you who were too young for Pop Idol, The X Factor or Fame Academy - here's your chance. First there's the potion, called Fab Fortis.
You'll need:
Flobberworm mucus
Puffer fish eyes

and then there's the spell...

Dance moves from Justin
Style of Britney
Voice of Christina
And rhythm of Jay Z.

Not bad writing either... we like it.

©Charlotte Evans.

Shows the words 'Harry Potter' written in pencil, in jagged, gothic-looking script.

Next up is a quick fix for all those budding footie stars. To make the potion you need:

Grass from Wembley
David Beckham's toes
Speed of Robert Pirez
And Henry's nose.

Poor old David Beckham. He needs to hang onto his toes himself doesn't he?

Speaking of toes, Charlotte's also come up with a spell to get rid of toe cramps. It's called Marella Monk's Magical Mixture. The ingredients are:

Phoenix feather
rats tails
shredded boomslang skin
minotaur pus!

Yuck. That sounds disgusting Charlotte, and what's a 'dittany'?

Shows a cartoon image of a classroom with green walls, a black board, a fishtank, a globe, a venus flycatcher plant and lots of books on shelves.

This is the classroom page from the Show Me Trail for Young Wizards. Check out the spells in the bookcase.

© 24 Hour Museum.

If science is more your thing, but you can't quite get your head around all those experiments, see if this spell does the trick -

Clever as Einstein
I want to be
In subjects like physics
And chemistry
Give me the knowledge
Give me the power
To be what I want
If just for one hour.

Can you feel it working? Invented anything yet? Remember to let us know if inspiration hits you.

Even more helpful, especially to your parents, this next potion is a Magical Mess Remover. Here's what you need to get rid of magical stains:

Leech Juice
Stewed horned slugs
Dragon egg shells
Ginger root

OK, that's enough magic for now. Remember, even if you do get hold of some dragon egg shells or flobber worm mucus - THESE SPELLS ARE NOT REAL, THEY'RE JUST FOR FUN!!

Thank you Charlotte for sending in the spells, potions and drawings. We'll send a prize off to you.

PS - thank you too Georgie, Charlotte's twin, as we heard you were some of the brains behind these too - well done.

Anyone else who'd like to have a go at making up some spells or potions, we'd love to hear from you. Use the Get In Touch page to send in your ideas.

Anra Kennedy