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Evacuee letters from Otters class

January 25 2011

Otters class from Riverside Primary School in Rainham, Kent, have been replying to our Say it in a Letter piece on Show Me about child evacuees during World War Two.

Black and white photo showing evacuee children waving from a train.

Scroll down for their wonderful and moving letters... the pupils have really got into character!

And a big thank you to Sue Marble (Otters class teacher) for sending the letters in.

Above photo © Imperial War Museum

Dear Mum and Dad,
My journey was very nice but a person threw up behind me and it was disgusting apart from that it was very nice. My foster family are very nice they're called Mrs. Marrible and Mrs. Howard. My house is really nice because it has more house than garden . I wish I was home with you and dad but I am feeling bad inside I really miss you and dad. The other thing about my journey is that I saw my friend from school she is called Sarah. My house is really big I have my own bedroom and so does Sarah.
Love from Megan

Dear mummy,
The train was boring because my sister wet herself and my bother was sick all over me. I am staying with Mr Roger and Mrs Roger oh I all most forgot miss roger and Mr roger are funny and their so funny I wet my self some times. I have my own bedroom but I don't like it because it is small and I like one thing the bedroom is all to my self.
Love from Chantell

Dear mum and Gran,
On the train it was cold it took 20 minutes. A boy was sick in front of me on the other carriage someone died. Mr. Barns is my foster dad Mrs. Barns died a year ago. Mr. Barns is a very nice man he works on a farm.
From Archie

Dear mum and dad,
I miss you but I love where I am. On the way Ryan wet himself it was not good. I loved the journey. When I got there I had fun. Some one was sick behind me. I live with Miss and Mr. Wood. Miss and Mr. Wood live at Beth Road 44 under time field bala lake. Mr Wood took my suitcase. Mr and Miss Wood showed me to my bed room. Me and Ryan had to share a room. Miss and Mr. Wood did not want Jake and Arran. They only wanted me and Ryan.
Love always Mia.

PS I am by a lovely pond and we are feeding ducks. It is fun. If you were here it would be fun. I have met some new friends. I am playing with them now. I love this place. I like the school as well. Like I said, I love this place.

Dear Mummy and Daddy,
I had a lovely trip when we were half way there I almost past out so I got a drink. When we got there I met two people called Mr. and Mrs. Winchester. Just then another train got here and eight people got off and seventy people did not come off. Mr and Mrs Winchester are very nice. My house is lovely it has a farm with all sorts of things pigs cows ducks even a crocodile. In the house there are 6 dogs and 2 cats. The cats are called Merlin and Buster. The dogs are called Honey Star Strike Thunder and Lightning. My favourite dogs are Thunder and Lightning.
Love From Brandon

Dear mum and Nan,
On the train I was bored and worried about you and someone passed out next to me. My foster parents are Mr. and Mrs Murdock. They live on a farm. I have a room to my self and it is really nice. I am not going to school I am taught on the farm by the teacher on the farm he is called Mr Ip he is also nice he makes the work easy to do.
Lots of love Callum

Dear Mum,
It was good fun to go on a train. I could see horses in the field. An old lady called Alice Rogers is looking after me. She is very nice and is good at making wooden toys. I have got my own bedroom with a big bed and a big wardrobe. There is a beautiful garden that I can play in. It is a nice village and the school is next door to my new house. Miss you lots.
Lots of love from Sam
(Tom's group)

Dear Mummy,
My journey was very boring. On the way my brother wet himself as well. I saw some cows on the way. I am staying with Miss Marrible and Mr Howled and they are very funny. The garden has a little pond. Everyday we feed the ducks. I am getting to know people so is my brother. We have our own bedrooms.
Love from Courtney

Dear mum,
My journey was fantastic my sister wet herself. My foster parents is nice to me and they do me nice mils for me.
From Dylan

Dear mum,
I am staying with Mrs Howard and she has a lovely dog called Floppy. The journey was good. But later I felt a bit sick. Mrs Howard is very nice. They live near a pond and there are ducks in the pond. I like to feed the ducks every morning. Mrs Howard told me to plant an apple tree and Mrs Howard help me to. It was fun. Then Mrs Howard told me that tomorrow I am going to school I was scared.
From Francely

Dear mum,
The boy sitting next to me was sick just two hour away from the end of the journey .I am helping Nan on the farm I helped milked the cows and helped cut the wool of the sheep and there was a broken fens. I helped fix it, it took us 1hour to fix it. My room is cold at night and my room is blue .And when I wake up I see ducks and sheep and pigs and cows Nan milked the cows for tea for breakfast and I have ham sandwich and I had and I ridded on one of the house and I feed the ducks and . There are nice people in road next to farm.
Lots of love from George

Dear mum and Gran,
On the train it was cold it took 20 minutes. A boy was sick in front of me on the other carriage someone died. Mr. Barns is my foster dad Mrs. Barns died a year ago. Mr. Barns is a very nice man he works on a farm. The cottage is cold it has five lamps in there so it is a dark place .Callum lives next door to us. We go to school together with Callum. I saw a big group with Callum they call themselves Dipwer it is a group of boys. I go to Callums house every school day because that is my school my teacher is Mr. Bullun. Love Archie

Dear Mum and Nan,
I was so sad when I left home when we got on the train I felt so sick because I had never been on a train before. Brandon was beside me and he wanted a drink because he felt sick when we got there. we were picked by Mr and Mrs Frame they were really rich and really kind. At school the teacher is called Mr Bridges do you miss us all mum. Mum 3 German planes flew over school. My bed room is so little and so cold.
Lots of Love Jack

Dear mum,
The journey was horrible because Callum and Archie where sick all over my friends Jack and the Megans and they where horrified. Finally we got of the train and saw my new foster parent he is really nice and he owns a sweet shop he lets me have some sweets every day exept from Saturday or Sunday because I have to go to school. Or I would work at home my work is really hard but some times it is easy my school is on a farm. The teacher is really strict and mean. There is a lovely pond my job I to feed the animals we have two dogs and we have a albino rabbit her name is Snowie she is really cute and cuddly she is white with red eyes.
Love Emily

Dear mum,
I went on a train and my brother was nearly sick on me and I saw some sheep. When me and my brother were there, there were lots of children a lady came and picked me and my brother and when we got there we saw lots of animals and they were nice and it was really nice and they were miss dot and mister dot and when we went inside the space was big when I went up stairs I found my own bedroom and it was sort of good and I help them in the Farm milking the cows and brushing the horse.
lots of love Lauren

Dear mum,
I was on the train the journey was very nice. I saw some cows and horses and I heard some birds, they were singing. When I got there the house was beautiful. My parents are very nice. My bedroom is very nice my brother is cool. I have a job feeding the horses. I have my own. At school I have a friend called Kate she is very nice. I am having a very good time.
Love from Natasha

Dear mummy,
The journey was really fun but I really did get sad. I got bored and I nearly fell asleep. Well I got really bored at the end. The people that were looking after me are really kind and they are called Mrs Marriball and Mrs Howard. In the middle of lunch Elisse was sick. My room is perfect it is really comfy. Last night I woke up and I saw Elisse in her bed I started to cry because I missed you. Sometimes Elisse helps me get to sleep because im scared because I didn't want to be away from you. I think its horrible being here. I have my own room I think its cool well cool for me.
From Megan

Dear mummy and daddy,
My journey was very good. On the way there I was with Miss Howard and Mr Marrable and they had a Jack Russell and I stayed with my two sisters and my two brothers. I was with my two sisters and my brother. I stayed in a flat and with my foster parents. I had a big big big big big big big big bed room and my friend and my foster parents made me do all the work by myself. We have our own bedroom.
Love from Saffron.

Dear Holly,
The journey was horrible because a little girl was sick all over me and it was really horrible and a baby at the back of me was keep on crying and it was loud then I looked out of the window and started to cry I told somebody that the little girl was sick over me then we arrived at Mrs Westlake and Mr Westlake I asked if I was allowed to see my room I did not like my room because the floor hurt my feet because all the nails were sticking out and I always step on them every single night.
Lots of love Sophie

Dear mum, nan and granddad,
I'm at a very nice place with nice foster parents and their names are Sam and Ted. Sam is funny but Ted is not. I have my own bedroom. Sam and Ted have a cute little dog and the dog's name is Daisy. Daisy is a girl. Sometimes Daisy can be annoying. When I help Sam and Ted on the farm the chickens chased me all over the farm. Sometimes I help feed the horses but I cannot feed the dog because the food smells like pooh. Love you lots.
Love from Tilly

Now you've read all those letter, how about playing this Evacuation game from Tyne and Wear Museums?

By Rachel Hayward