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Buckingham Park Primary School's Big Draw

March 22 2010

Does your school take part in The Big Draw?

Buckingham Park Primary School in Shoreham-By-Sea have sent us some lovely photos of their Big Draw 2009.

Wonder what they're doing in this photo?

Photo showing school hall with woman teacher and two girl pupils doing some art work.

Phot showing a school hall with pupils and a teacher making sand art on to a tray from a big pop bottle of sand suspended from a cane structure.

It looks like they're making sand art in this activity. Fun!

Can you tell what the children have made here? Clue: it's an animal beginning with the letter 'e'...

A big thank you to Toby Goodyer and Buckingham Park Primary School for getting in touch.

All school photos © Toby Goodyer/Buckingham Park Primary School

Photo showing the wooden floor of a school hall with an elephant made out of sheets and rope.

Screenshot of the homepage of the Campaign for Drawing website with a photo of a teenager drawing on a wall.

The Big Draw is in October every year.

Why not send us some photos of your next Big Draw or school art event?

Screenshot courtesy The Campaign for Drawing

By Rachel Hayward