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Great Online Science Games

March 13 2006

National Science Week 2006 is here and if you're in the mood for science we've got a bumper pack of online science games for you to play...

Shows a screenshot of a skeleton in silhouette.

First up is Joints Explorer from the Royal Institution's Inside Out website.

Have a go at the game and don't miss the links above the skeleton to find out more about the workings of the human body.

(Warning to teachers - this skeleton's groovy moves will cause LOTS of giggling.)

Another game from the Royal Institution - Power Up - is all about energy.

There are two games to play on the Power Up page and loads of energy facts.

Shows a screenshot of the words 'Human Cannonball' with a cartoon man flying out of the letter A.

Shows a screenshot of alien cartoon characters sitting on blue planets in a purple space scene.

Back in 1905 the ideas of a physicist named Albert Einstein changed the way people looked at the world.

The Einstein Game was made to celebrate Einstein Year for last year's National Science Week. It's fast-moving, set in outer space and is lots of fun.

This lovely mermaid stars in a game called Ocean Odyssey from the 'Engineering Interact' website.

If you're a confident reader and you're up for a science challenge you'll love this game. Be warned though... it's VERY noisy!

(When the new page opens, click next to the wave logo.)

Shows a screenshot of a yellow-haired mermaid swimming in a blue sea.

Shows a screenshot from a game showing a fantastical mobile hovering over some water.

Levers is hypnotic. It'll get you hooked. Once you start playing with this you'll soon get the hang of it....

Clue - for this game and the one below you must be patient and use your mouse to explore.

Vector Park is a strange and magical place. Your job is to bring it to life with clever use of your mouse.

Once you've made it through to the world in our picture, the fun really begins.

Shows a screenshot of a strange green planet with white rabbits, a spaceship-type structure, a tree growing from a globe and a mountain covered in eyes.

Shows a screenshot of the words 'wired science magic box' and a cartoon magician in a starry cloak.

There are lots of sciencey magic tricks to try out in the Wired Science Magic Box.

From the brains behind the fabulous Planet Science website, this page will keep you busy.

You don't have to wait for the next National Science Week to take part in sciencey stuff - investigate science all year round at these amazing museums and science centres:

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre Widnes
Magna Science Adventure Centre Rotherham
Life Science Centre Newcastle
Thinktank Birmingham
Green's Mill & Science Centre Nottingham
National Space Science Centre Leicester
The Observatory Science Centre Herstmonceux
South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre Chichester
The Science Museum London
Inspire Norwich
Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences Cambridge
At-Bristol Bristol
Techniquest Cardiff
Sensation Science Centre Dundee
Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow
w5 (Whowhatwherewhenwhy) Belfast
Armagh Planetarium Armagh

Don't forget - we LOVE getting your emails and artwork, so if you visit a science museum, let us know what you saw and what your favourite bit was. Our email and snail mail addresses are on the Show Me Get In Touch page.

National Science Week and Einstein Year are organised by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Happy National Science Week everyone!

Anra Kennedy and Kristen Bailey