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Blast Off! First Moon landing anniversary and International Year of Astronomy 2009

July 01 2009

Have a look at the Moon tonight - it seems so far away doesn't it? 250,000 miles away from Earth to be exact.

Showing a boy holding up a model planet against a space background.

It would take 130 days to travel to the Moon by car - if you could! 13 hours by rocket…

Picture of the planets courtesy Eureka

Did you know that as well as being the 40th anniversary of the first Moon Landing, 2009 is also the International Year of Astronomy? (Astronomy means space science)

This picture of a rocket is part of Legend of Apollo, the Science Museum's new 3D film.

Picture courtesy Science Museum

Showing a rocket in space.

Science museums and centres around the UK are blasting off this Summer 2009 with loads of fun space stuff to see and do - and you can even meet a real-life astronaut or two.

The Science Museum is simply out of this world for things to do this Summer. Check out the website for all details but here's a little taster: You can visit a new exhibition called Cosmos and Culture all about astronomy.

Showing people in a motion simulation movie theatre watching a rocket blast off into space.

There are roaring rockets and you can find out about smelly space poo in the Exploring Space Gallery.

Get star struck by helping to draw a super-sized star map and listen to space poems plus lots more.

Picture courtesy Jennie Hills, Science Museum

(See picture above left) You can also watch films about space in the Science Museum's IMAX 3D cinema and new
Force Field motion simulation cinema.

Does space have a smell? What's it like to eat or sleep in space? Find out at MOSI (the Museum Of Science & Industry).

On July 6, the crew of the Discovery Space Shuttle Discovery STS-119 will be at MOSI to share their experiences of space.

Picture courtesy MOSI, © NASA

Showing a group of NASA Astronauts in orange space suits againts a space background.

If you can't get to MOSI, ISSET which stands for the International Space School Educational Trust, have a BBC interview clip (below) of 2 astronauts from the STS-124 team, including female astronaut Karen Nyberg. Karen proves that space is for girls too...

Video clip above courtesy ISSET

At Eureka this Summer, NASA Astronaut Ken Ham will touch down on Friday July 10 to meet school children and launch Blast Off!, the museum's indoor and outdoor space activities.

You can go along this Summer and see how technology is used in space exploration and have a go at making your own rocket.

Picture courtesy Eureka, © NASA

Showing a photo of a NASA Astronaut in an orange space suit with the American flag behind him.

Showing heads of famous people from the 1960s and a rocket around the Moon.

The National Space Centre has a Rocket Tower with the Project Apollo: the Lunar Landings Exhibition inside it.

You can land a lunar module (in a simulator) and get up close to a piece of Moon rock.

Picture courtesy National Space Centre

You can investigate science all year round at these amazing museums and science centres:

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre Widnes
Magna Science Adventure Centre Rotherham
Life Science Centre Newcastle
Thinktank Birmingham
Green's Mill & Science Centre Nottingham
National Space Science Centre Leicester
The Observatory Science Centre Herstmonceux
South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre Chichester
Science Museum London
Inspire Norwich
Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences Cambridge
Explore-At-Bristol Bristol
Techniquest Cardiff
Sensation Science Centre Dundee
Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow
w5 (Whowhatwherewhenwhy) Belfast
Armagh Planetarium Armagh

Check out your nearest venue to see what space-themed fun they've got on!

Showing a young girl holding a toy model of a space shuttle above her head.

For some space fun at home, why not play some space games with Show Me's round-up from some of our favourite science centres and museums.

You can also go to our Science and Technology Topic page for more about space.

Picture courtesy Eureka

The National Space Centre has some really good links too and try NASA's Space Place for kids for more fun and games.

Woodlands Junior School website also has some useful info on the Moon, especially if you're doing a project at school.

Don't forget - we LOVE getting your emails and artwork, so if you visit a science museum or centre, let us know what you saw and what your favourite bit was. Get In Touch.

By Rachel Hayward