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Beach Artists Needed: Can YOU Make Art From Seaside Stones?

April 06 2008

Have you ever been to the beach and made patterns from all the different coloured stones and pebbles?

If so, we have a challenge for you! The V&A Museum in London has launched a project called 'World Beach', and they want everyone to get involved.

Screenshot of a Google map above small images of art made from beach stones

It's easy to take part. Just go to the beach and make a piece of art using just the stones you find there (no shells or driftwood allowed!).

Then take some photos of it and send them to the V&A Museum's website, with a few words about how and where you made it.

© V&A Museum

The V&A will then add your artwork to their online gallery and put a 'pin' on their world map showing where you made it.

Here at Show Me we're always up for an artistic challenge, so we headed down to Brighton beach to try and make a masterpiece.

It was a blustery day, so we chose a spot close to the pier, to shelter from the wind!

© 24 Hour Museum

View from a shingle beach, showing the sea and a pier

Person kneeling on a shingle beach, sorting stones into piles of different colours

We started off by sorting all the different colours of pebbles into piles.

Then we decided we'd make a sculpture with the stones arranged from dark to light.

© 24 Hour Museum

And here it is! Not bad eh? We're sure that Show Me surfers can do even better though!

© 24 Hour Museum

A long, flat sculpture made from pebbles, lying on a beach

It's over to you - get out there and get artistic! All the details of how to take part in the World Beach project are on the V&A's website. (You might need a grown-up to help you add your photos to the site.)

You'll need to take three photos, as we have:

1. A view of the beach where you're making your artwork
2. A photo of the of the artwork while it's being made.
3. A photo of the finished article.

Once they get your entry, the V&A will add it to their online gallery and email you to let you know it's up there! Can you find ours?

Screenshot from V&A website showing artworks made from stones

The idea for 'World Beach' came from an artist called Sue Lawty, who has been working with the V&A.

You can see some of Sue's artwork on the V&A's website.

© V&A Museum

Andy Goldsworthy is other artist who is famous for working with stones. He likes to work outdoors and use the natural things he finds there - stones, leaves, petals, twigs, logs, feathers, mud, sand, grass, water or ice.

You can see lots of photos of his work on the Cass Sculpture Foundation website.

So, we hope you're feeling inspired, and enjoy yourself creating a masterpiece on the beach!

Kristen Bailey