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Do Stinky Museums Make You Sick?

January 14 2003

Left: do you think
that Roman shield
is there to
protect these
children from
sick splatters?

© Dewa Roman

Young visitors to the Dewa Roman Experience try on a shield.

Smelly Roman toilets at the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester have been making visiting schoolchildren sick.

The museum has a Roman toilet in one of its displays. After all, Romans had to use the loo too.

The fun started when museum staff found a new smell called 'Flatulence'.It sounded perfect for the Roman toilets. So the new smell was ordered from the smell company (strange but true).

Staff at the museum said 'We didn't realise how overpowering and sickly it actually was.'

The pong was just too strong. On the first morning four children threw up. After clearing up the sick, the museum staff ditched the smell.

The smell company then diluted it by half. This time only two children were actually sick. Luckily it's not as whiffy now, and nobody has been sick since.

Don't let it put you off visiting. Stinky museums are fantastic! There's loads to see and explore at the Dewa.

Left: a street scene
Viking times.

© Jorvik.

That 'flatulence' smell has found its way to Jorvik in York, where a Viking is sitting on a Viking loo. They've got stinky rubbish and a pongy pigsty too.

Left: stinky kippers on the Isle of Man.

© Manx National Heritage.

At the House of Mannanan museum on the Isle of Man the whiff of kippers will tempt you in. Find out how to gut and smoke herring to make the famous Manx kippers.

There's plenty of fake blood to go with the smell, so make sure your stomach is up to it.

Left: don't try telling this one it has bad breath.

© The Natural History Museum.

Model T.Rex roars at the camera.

Lastly, the biggest and scariest stinker of them all - Tyrannosaurus Rex at The Natural History Museum. He's huge, he's mean and he has really bad breath.

T.Rex smells of swamp and rotting meat. Yummy. Click on this link for a glimpse of T.Rex on The Natural History Museum website.

Off you go then, go sniff out those smelly museums. Just try not to be sick won't you?

Anra Kennedy