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Diggers For A Day: A Show Me Surfers Report

June 24 2005

Last week children from Temple Sowerby School near Carlisle became archaeologists for a day when they visited a dig site close to their village.

Lots of the children wrote special reports of the day just for you.

An archaeologist and a schoolgirl in a field, pouring a bucket of earth through a sieve held by another child, while two other children look on. On the horizon is an industrial digger digging a trench.

Here's Kirsty to tell you all about it. Her words are in bold...

'In Temple Sowerby we are having a bypass (hopefully). But before they build it archaeologists are digging some trenches to see if they can find anything of interest.

They have found bones, pottery, slate and tile. One piece of pottery was medieval and they even found some bits of pipe. It was amazing how just by a few artefacts they could tell what kind of house had been there.

I am glad we were able to get this chance to visit the dig. We were the only school to go. And Border TV came!

Border TV (ITV1) have a news programme called 'Look Around' and some of us got interviewed for their report.

My best friend, a year 4 boy, and ME (!!!) with a boy from my class were interviewed and shown on TV! That was really exciting! The Herald newspaper came too.

A schoolgirl standing in a field with other children and people in hard hats. She is looking into a TV camera operated by a cameraman in a hi-visibility vest.

They have dug thirty trenches and have to turn that into sixty-six in a week.

The soil is orange in places. And they think that in one part there was a tree or well there because the ground is orange and hard. That particular section is circular too.

Schoolchildren in a field looking at pottery fragments in a tray held by an archaeologist in a hard hat.

I am happy they are doing a bypass. There are loads of crashes and accidents. Ambulances are not unusual.

I found the whole thing interesting, exciting and fun.'

Thank you Kirsty, fantastic reporting there.

This wonderful picture of a digger is by Robert, also from Temple Sowerby School.

You can see lots more pictures and stories from the school in our Show and Tell section, so keep an eye out, all of you who wrote in!

Child's drawing of a yellow industrial digger on caterpillar tracks. It has 'Metcalfe' written on its arm.

We'd like to say an HUGE THANK YOU to all of the children from Temple Sowerby, and their teachers, for all of their hard work.

Story by Kirsty and Anra