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Takeover Day 2010: you're in charge!

November 12 2010

What job would you like to do for the day?

How about being the mayor?

Well, this is just one of the many jobs that loads of lucky kids round the country who are taking part in Takeover Day 2010 are doing.

Photo from Takeover Day 2009 courtesy the Children's Commissioner for England

Museums are getting in on the act too. For example, they've got kids being curators (they're the clever people who work in museums who know all about the paintings and other objects etc).

At the Corinium Museum in Gloucestershire, local primary pupils from St Lawrences School are even doing their own labels for objects in the museum's collection.

And secondary school pupil, Rhiannon Smith, is being the press officer at Cotswold District Council and is on site at the Corinium Museum talking to journalists about what's happening on Takeover Day - wow!

At the V&A museum in London, Takeover Day kids are organising a Digital Festival for teenagers full of their own ideas for how to use the latest technology at the museum.

Dea Birkett from Kids in Museums (the charity that speaks up for families in museums) said:

'There are over 50 museums taking part in Takeover Day 2010 and it just shows how much museums want kids to get involved, have their voices heard and make museums even more exciting places to be. Takeover Day is about museums working with kids to get what they like in museums not just today but every day. We're aiming for over a 100 museums to take part next year.'

(Photo below right courtesy Kids in Museums)

13 year old Cameron, who's at the Kids in Museums office in London for the day with other pupils from the Langley Academy, added:

'We've been talking about what we want to see at museums. Kids love things like the ice-rink at the Natural History Museum and then you can go inside and see great stuff too like the 3D dinosaur!'

Photo showing a group of secondary pupils at the Kids in Museums office having a discussion around a table.

Have you been part of Takeover Day 2010? If so get in touch and send some photos. We'd love to know what you got up to.

By Rachel Hayward