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Giant Pink Rabbit Found On Italian Hillside

February 01 2007

If you thought art was just about drawing pictures or maybe looking at old paintings in a big gallery then think again - artists sometimes come up with the most incredible creations in unusual places.

photo of a giant pink rabbit figure on a hillside

A group of artists called Gelatin have knitted a huge pink rabbit and left it lying on a hill in Italy.

You can see how big it is here next to a road and a house.

We found out about the rabbit online - lots of people have been talking about it and posting photos of the bunny on the web.

The bunny is SO BIG that it can even be seen using satellite photos from space.

This picture was found using Google Earth - you can see the rabbit right in the middle of the photo.

screenshot of a google earth page showing a large rabbit on a hill pictured from the air

It took the artists and lots of helpers five years to knit the massive bunny, and they plan to leave it on the hillside for 20 years, until 2025.

People have come to see the rabbit from all over the world and visitors can sit on it or walk all over it if they want. The pic below shows some people inside the rabbit's massive mouth!

photo of two people inside the mouth of a huge pink rabbit

The whole thing is getting a bit grubby as it's been there more than a year so far, but the artists say that is part of the idea.

They want to see what happens to it over time and to see if there is much left of it after the 20 years are over.

The rabbit is near a town called Artesina, which is in the Alps, a range of mountains in northern Italy.

It snows heavily there in winter and the rabbit looks very different under a blanket of snow.

photo of a huge pink rabbit partially covered in snow

What do you think about this big pink rabbit - should it be called art at all or is it something else?

Would you like to climb on it? Have a snooze or a bounce on its tummy?!

If you could build a huge object in the countryside what would it be? We'd love to hear from you, why not get in touch?

All photos on this page are thanks to and © Gelatin Arts.

Graham Spicer