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They've Entered Our Bonfire Night Competition - Have You?

November 14 2006

STOP PRESS: The competition is now closed - we'll let you know who the winners are soon!

We're loving the entries we've had up to now for our Bonfire Night Competition. We haven't chosen a winner yet, of course, but we had to show you just a few of our favourites so far.

Don't forget, you can still enter the competition. The deadline for entries is November 30 2006.

Find out how to enter.

Child's drawing of colourful fireworks exploding.

This fantastic firework display was sent in by Bethany, who is nine.

We love the way she's included the noises the fireworks and bonfire are making - it makes us feel like we're there.

Another Bethany, this time aged six and from Sittingbourne in Kent, has drawn two huge colourful rockets exploding next to her bonfire.

Child's drawing of a blue firework and a red one exploding next to a bonfire.

Child's drawing of a Guy Fawkes doll next to a bonfire.

Freya is from Leighswood School in Walsall, West Midlands.

We love the way she's drawn tiny stitches on the patches on her Guy's clothes.

Lewis is also from Leighswood School.

Can you see how many different kinds of firework he has in his display?

Child's drawing of a boy standing next to a bonfire with fireworks exploding above.

Child's drawing of dozens of fireworks exploding.

We had loads of lovely entries from Cedarwood School in Ipswich - we've picked four to show you.

This one's by Jack, aged six. He's drawn loads of fireworks shooting into the night sky and exploding in glittering starbursts.

What a beautiful drawing.

This explosion of colours is by Hannah.

We can almost hear the fireworks going off!

Child's painting of a Guy on a bonfire at a fireworks display.

Child's drawing of a crowd watching a firework display.

George, who is six, has a great crowd gathered at his firework display.

They look like they're having a fantastic time.

We LOVED the colours used here by Aaron.

The sky is jam-packed with fireworks!

Child's painting of fireworks exploding in the sky.

So, don't miss out on your chance to enter the Bonfire Night Competition... you have to be in it to win it!

Find out how to enter here, and remember, remember... your entries must reach us by November 30 2006. Good luck!

Kristen Bailey