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Say it in a Letter

Above:Courtesy Imperial War Museum, neg number AP7455B. Do not reprint without permission.

Children who were sent to live in the countryside were called evacuees. The children in this photograph - above - are evacuees on their way to the country.

Do they look happy to you? They were probably feeling very sad about leaving their families when this photo was taken, but excited at the same time.

It must have been very difficult to go to a new place to live with strangers, even though they knew they would be away from most of the bombs.

Would you have liked to be an evacuee? Perhaps you would have thought it would be an adventure to get away from the city.

Maybe you would have felt cross about having to leave your home. The children wrote letters to keep in touch with their families.

Imagine you are an evacuee and write us a letter about leaving the city, arriving at your new home or perhaps starting your new school.

Your letter could tell us if it was scary, sad, exciting or perhaps even funny. Email it to us and we'll publish the best letters on the site.

P.S. To give you some ideas, how about playing this Evacuation game from Tyne and Wear Museums?