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We want lots of different people to be able to enjoy, so we've spent a lot of time thinking about how easy it will be to use this site.

This is called making the website accessible. The government have now made it a priority that websites like this one can be enjoyed by people even if they can't see well, read well or use a mouse.

We are working to ensure the bits of that we have made or designed or written ourselves at our office will be readable by people who like to use screenreader programs.

As well as that, the links and letters and colours of the pages should be easily readable if you have impaired vision.

Because lots of the interesting stuff on this site from museums around Britain is not brand new, it might not be accessible for screenreader users.

Lots of museums are now trying hard to fix this in their new sites, and we will show you these sites as they are finished.

At Show.Me we have decided to make some history and museum web games that are accessible, if we can. We are now developing three new games that use new ideas to make them easy to use and see. Two of the games use a special new program called Flash MX.

This new program has got our web developer's brains steaming as they try to sort out all kinds of funny problems!

You will be able to see these games really soon on Show.Me

The Boring Technical Bits is designed in HTML 4.1 transitional. It uses CSS1 stylesheets to control the format and appearance of fonts.

The site should be level A compliant to the WAI accessibility guidelines.

In addition to this, staff write stories using the 24 Hour Museum guidelines on simple, readable, accessible English.