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Listen Up! It's National Story Telling Week

Did you know that you're a natural born story teller?! Perhaps you told a friend about what you got up to at the weekend or chatted about what happened at school today?

We love stories so much at Show Me that we're really excited about National Story Telling Week, which runs from January 28 until February 4 2006.

Cartoon of Alice in Wonderland falling down a rabbit hole.

At Show Me, we've got some great links to webtastic stories from museums and galleries.

You can turn the pages of the original copy of Alice In Wonderland or follow Alice down the rabbit hole - and that's just for starters!

© Museum of Oxford

Have you heard about the hunter called Orion who fought wild beasts and monsters to win a princess?

Dare to find out more?! Then click on Stories of the Skies and see why you can spot Orion in the sky at night!

© National Maritime Museum

Cartoon of Orion fighting a giant three-headed dog.

Screenshot from Hercules game, featuring a child's drawing of a many-headed snake.

Find out more myths in the stars or battle it out with another hero, Hercules.

Learn about some of the incredible tasks he had to complete and find out how to make a storyboard and a flick book.

© 24 Hour Museum and Access Art

Read more tales of terror from Show Me surfers.

You can sail the high seas with the pirates or brave the fierce Vikings.

© George Edgell and 24 Hour Museum

Child's drawing of Vikings on a Viking Longship.

Screenshot from the Tate Tales webpage.

In Tate Tales you choose a picture you like from their online collection and then write a story.

There are lots of stories there already to give you bags of ideas.

© Tate

Feeling inspired? Why not write your own story and email or send it to us for our Show and Tell page.

National Story Telling Week is all about how fab it is to tell and share stories. Fancy taking part in a story yourself? Museums and galleries are holding events to celebrate.

At Eastleigh Museum in Hampshire, you can dress up as a Victorian, make your own Victorian paper doll and help tell the story of Tweeny, the Victorian housemaid!

Why not check out 'Track-anory' at the National Railway Museum with plenty of chuffing good train stories and activities.

To find out what's on near you - just go to the Society for Storytelling's website.