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Show Me Surfers At The Big Draw

After cramming in loads of events throughout October, The Big Draw is over for another year. But fear not - there are still oodles of fun drawing games and makes to be found on Show Me's The Big Draw page.

We always love it when you send in pieces of your artwork, and two Show Me surfers have written in to tell us what they got up to at The Big Draw. Take a look...

Photo of a boy holding a cardboard cutout of a horse's head on a stick.

This is Joseph. He's six, and took part in the Great Gallery Gallop at Manchester Art Gallery.

Joseph sent us this great drawing of a horse race.

Can you see the crowd in the background, cheering on their favourite horse?

Child's pencil drawing of three horses racing past a grandstand full of people.

Child's drawing of a horse.

This horse is in the lead at the moment...

...but this one isn't far behind - could we have a surprise winner?

Child's drawing of a horse.

Cartoon of a feeble, scared-looking horse standing next to an anvil, some hammers and a barrel of water.

If you're into horses, you might like to play Joust!, from The National Archives and the V&A Museum.

It's a fast and furious Tudor jousting game where you have the choose the best horse in order to win the tournament. Just make sure you pick a better horse than we did!

Next up, Chantelle sent us these photos of her daughter, who went to a Big Draw day in Chistlehurst.

Photo of a girl wearing a white T-shirt covered in drawings, including a pencil and some balloons (front view).

Photo of a girl wearing a white T-shirt covered in drawings, including a crown and the words 'DADDY'S PRINCESS'. (back view).

She made this very stylish T-shirt, which is covered in drawing, front and back.

If you like colour and pattern, you could try Create A Tartan, from the V&A.

Use your artistic eye to design a pattern for dress fabric.

Computer image of a tartan pattern in green, purple and pink.

A big thank you to Joseph and Chantelle for sending their pictures in.

There are loads of drawing games and makes for you to try out on Show Me's The Big Draw page - keep checking it because we're always adding more.

We'd love to see more of your artwork - our Get In Touch page has our email and postal addresses, so send it in!