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Fun, Games And Makes - The Show Me Christmas Hamper

We've got a treat for you this Christmas - a virtual hamper, packed with goodies. Even more fun than pickled walnuts and cranberry jelly - think of this as your Christmas present from us.

The Show Me hamper is full of things to keep you busy over the holidays. There are games to play online, plus three fantastic 'print and makes' to do away from the computer. They're all new to Show Me, so scroll on down to take a look.

Shows a screenshot of a blow football game with a commentator and scoreboard.

There's lots to explore in The 1930's Family from the Imagine website.

One of our favourite bits is the Blow Football game, complete with 30s-style commentator.

Next up is this clever online art tool, inspired by a designer called Vivienne Westwood. It's called Create A Tartan and comes from the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Tartan pattern in shades of pink, purple and green.

Cartoon pirate with a moustache, wearing a blue jacket with medals on and a hat with the skull and crossbones on. He has a hook instead of his right hand.

This one's from a website called Port Cities. Time Pirates is a HUGE adventure game, where you have to outwit the dastardly, wicked pirates.

You do need to sign in with an e-mail address for this one, so check with a grown-up before playing.

You know how rich and important families have coats of arms?

Well, now you can make one for your family in Design A Coat Of Arms, another mini-site from the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Shows a gold seal bearing the design of a shield with three lions on it.

Shows a cartoon mouth with red lips and white teeth. Held between the teeth are the words 'MOUTH POWER'.

This site is not one to look at after you've scoffed your way through the family tin of Quality Street.

Made by the National Museum of Dentistry in America, Mouth Power is very strange, but loads of fun.

Another American site now, this time from the American Museum of Natural History.

Ology is all about science - check out the paleaontology and archaeology sections, which are great.

Screenshot from the Ology website with the word 'Ology' above a trowel and a brick which has 'Archaeology' written on its side.

A cartoon dog in a green hat, on its hind legs, holding a trowel and rake.

We've shown you Design A Room before, this time we've got Design A Garden.

It's another online cracker from The Geffrye Museum in London.

More offline fun, this Toy Circus print-out will impress all of your friends. It's made by The Theatre Museum.

This takes a little while to load, but do wait, it's great!

Photo of a reproduction of a Victorian toy circus.

Photo of a reproduction of a Victorian toy theatre, next to some felt pens.

Another from The Theatre Museum, this one is a Toy Theatre.

You'll need to set aside a little time to make these, but they're well worth it. Both the theatre and the circus would make great presents.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!