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Time explorer and more games on the British Museum's Young explorers website

The British Museum has a fab new website for kids called Young explorers with online games and much more.

Young explorers screenshot courtesy the British Museum

Screenshot showing the homepage of the British Museum website for kids called Young explorer with a main picture of the white tower and steps leading down from it that is part of the British Museum Great Court.

Screenshot showing a cartoon look version of the Great Court of the British Museum on the Time explorer game. There is a central white tower with steps coming down from it and there are ancient civilisation areas including Ancient Rome and characters you can choose to take part in the different levels.

We absolutely love the amazing Time explorer game.

It's a bit like being Doctor Who and Indiana Jones at the same time!

Time explorer picture courtesy the British Museum

You get to travel back in time to ancient civilisations: Imperial China, Aztec Mexico, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

Each time, you have to find and save a treasured object for the local people by solving challenges along the way.

Ancient Rome screenshot courtesy the British Museum

Screenshot showing the cartoon look version game Time explorer with an arena from Ancient Rome and gladiators and a chariot.

Don't read these if you want to play the Time explorer game without help.

Do go to/click on chests and other objects such as levers and piles of stones to give you clues and objects and help you open doors etc and get further in the game.

We recommend you save your progress as Time explorer has timed levels. Then you can go back to the level you were last at rather than having to go back to the beginning of the whole game.

When you go back to play Time explorer, click on the orange flag in the Great Court that says LOGIN.

In the final level, Ancient Egypt, you need to solve the puzzle of the hieroglyphs first - then to get to the below ground level where the Death Mask is, follow one of the paths that looks like it's leading to it. Watch out for the paths that have the spikes though!

Screenshot from the British Museum website showing a yellow map of the world with ancient civilisations marked out and symbols such as Death and Daily Life.

There's more to do on Young explorer apart from play the games.

The Discover section is packed full of info and pictures of objects from the British Museum, including Museum explorer - great for homework help.

Museum explorer screenshot courtesy the British Museum

And if you're lucky enough to be able to go and visit the
British Museum in London - you will see many treasured objects from around the world on display.