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Meet The Team

Show Me - - is a kids' website that is part of a whole family of websites. Culture24 is our organisation's name.

Our office is in Brighton, which is a seaside town in the south of England.

Here's a bit about some of the Show Me and Culture24 team for you. We've all answered questions about when we were kids.

Check out our photos too - taken when we were young - and much cuter!

Showing a girl aged about 5 dressed in a short sleeved gingham school uniform and carrying a satchel. She has her long hair in bunches.

Photo: Rachel Hayward (left)

Rachel is the Show Me Editor.

She finds games for the site, does lots of the writing and she will be the one reading your emails and letters!

There weren't any museums where she was growing up in New Guinea but she now loves Sir John Soane's Museum in London, "Because you feel like Doctor Who doing time travelling - you really step back in time when you go inside."

When Rachel was young, her favourite food was: fruit... "We used to have pineapples growing the garden and eating sugarcane was the best!"

Her favourite memory:

"Coming home after playing with the local children and telling mum the New Guinean words I'd learnt for things."

Photo:Anra Kennedy (right)

Anra is our Head of Programmes for Culture24. She's in charge of all our websites.

Her favourite museum was:

"The Natural History Museum, because my granddad used to take me there. I loved seeing the model of the blue whale."

Her favourite food was:

"Spaghetti hoops with grated cheese, we called them 'spag rags'!"

Her favourite memory:

"Playing on giant rocks and trying to dam the stream on our farm with my friend Sam."

Shows a girl with long blonde hair, aged about six, standing on a lawn. She is wearing a green check dress and has a wreath and a garland made of willow leaves.

Shows a little girl in a cowboy hat, t-shirt and shorts, sitting in a deck chair reading a newspaper.

Photo:Jane Finnis (left)

Jane is the Director of Culture24. She's the boss so she spends lots of time having meetings and talking to people.

Her favourite museum:

"There was a museum in my school, it was Reigate Priory Museum. It had a secret passageway that the monks used to use, hidden behind a secret door."

Her favourite food was:


Her favourite memory was:

"When I was at school I wrote a play about a modern day Cinderella. It was really good fun performing it… and I'll always remember the stripy socks with toes that we wore!"

This is Richard Moss, the Editor of Culture24.

Richard often sends stories our way if he thinks they have a good Show Me angle.

Richard's favourite foods were:

"Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, cherry pie with custard, pickled onions and every kind of boiled sweets and chews."

Shows photo of grinning young boy with freckles and russet-coloured hair in grey school jersey.

His favourite museum was:

"National Railway Museum in York and RAF Museum Hendon - both equally good!"