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Which Of Your Clothes Would You Put In A Museum?

Have you ever been to a museum and looked at collections of clothing from the past?

Maybe it was stuff your parents or grandparents remember wearing when they were younger, or perhaps it was clothes which were the height of fashion hundreds of years ago?

There are loads of fantastic collections of clothes, footwear and accessories in museums all over the UK.

Photo of a black zip-fronted sports jacket with a white tick logo

It's not just the old stuff which museums are interested in.

They like to collect examples of clothes which are fashionable now, too - like this jacket from the collection at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Image courtesy of Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Here at Show Me we want to know which items of clothing from YOUR wardrobe you think should be put into a museum for your children or grandchildren (or even your great-great-great-grandchildren!) to see?

Maybe you'd put in your wheeled trainers, your football kit or your favourite party outfit?

Let us know!

Photo of a girl holding up a pair of trainers which have wheels in their heels.

We've found loads of brilliant online games about clothes from different periods of time - made by museums so that you can explore the history of fashion.

Get ready to get creative - and maybe do a bit of time travelling as well...

Computer graphic of a pink, green and purple checked pattern.

Patterned woollen cloth used for kilts has been popular in Scotland for hundreds of years.

Design your own pattern online with Create A Tartan from the V&A Museum.

Get All Dressed Up on the Museum of London's website.

Pick a time zone and a tune, then off you go - dressing up with a twist.

Computer graphic of a man's face in front of a 1930s photo of a shopfront.

Computer graphic of a woman wearing an Edwardian style dress and a bonnet

Costume Drama is a dressing-up game with a difference from The Museum of Costume in Bath.

Why not take up the Museum's Dress of the Year challenge - can you guess the year by looking at a dress from their collection?

Have some fun mixing and matching fashions from different periods in Costume
, from Worcestershire Museums.

Computer graphic of a person wearing a cape, a ruff and a large powdered wig.

Computer graphic of an elegant woman standing in a dressing room.

In Schiaparelli For Kids, find out why some people thought this fashion designer was shocking.

When you've clicked on the link, go to the star to play the game. From the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

You might have heard about a museum exhibition of Kylie Minogue's stage clothes at the V&A Museum in London.

It finishes there on June 10 2007, but then goes on to Manchester Art Gallery from 30 June - 2 September 2007 and then Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow from 21 September 2007 - 13 January 2008.

The exhibition includes these famous gold hot pants, which Kylie wore in her 'Spinning Around' video.

© V&A Images

Photo of a pair of tight gold shorts on a mannequin

If you can't get to see the Kylie exhibition, don't panic! You can see lots of Kylie's stage clothes online at the website of the Arts Centre in Melbourne. (Melbourne is in Australia - it's Kylie's hometown.)

Here are just a few of the museums where you can look at collections of clothing:

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Museum of Costume, Bath
Allhallows Lace Museum, Devon
Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, East Sussex
Bexhill Museum of Costume and Social History, East Sussex
Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, West Sussex
Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
Gallery of Costume, Manchester
Hat Works, Stockport
National Museum of Costume Scotland at Shambellie House, Dumfriesshire
Sheelin Irish Lace Museum, Fermanagh

Don't forget - we want to hear from YOU, so Get In Touch and tell us which modern item of clothing should be put in a museum. You could even send us a drawing of you wearing it!