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The Big Draw 08: Drawing Fun All Month Long

The Big Draw is a series of events all over the UK every year where everyone can get stuck into some drawing - and loads of them are in museums and galleries - so why not look out for their events - which are usually free.

Showing cartoon drawing of a boy and girl in stripy swimming costumes with pencils in their hands.

It runs throughout October every year.

Here are some great photos and drawing ideas from past Big Draws to inspire you as well as a page packed full with drawing games!

© The Campaign for Drawing

Here's a gallery of photos from The Big Draw 2005. Enjoy!

© The Campaign for Drawing

Photo showing schoolchildren kneeling down in front of large, painted portraits that have been cut out and are stuck to a brick wall in the background.

Photo showing a breakdancer performing whilst children are busy in the background drawing his movements.

How about an event from another previous Big Draw.

That's not just a crowd of onlookers for breakdancer, Lloyd Thompson - they're drawing him. Looks like fun!

© The Campaign for Drawing

You can make art that's all yours...

© The Campaign for Drawing

Showing girl drawing a sea picture, including a starfish, onto a white pillar.

Showing 3 boys making large scale pictures, like line drawings, in black paint on big, white canvases.

Or you can work in a team...

© The Campaign for Drawing

...but there's always someone on hand to help out.

© The Campaign for Drawing

Woman helping a boy (who's sitting on a table) with his drawing.

Showing cardboard model of a building, with a tower and flag.

Bring your ideas to life - maybe as a 3D model!

© The Campaign for Drawing

You can use a pencil, felt tips, paints or charcoal ... pretty much anything that makes a mark.

© The Campaign for Drawing

Showing 3 girls working within 3 white walls. They are covering the walls with their colourful drawings.

Showing a group of young and older people sitting on the floor of a gallery and working on their own pictures.

It doesn't matter how young or old you are ... just have a go!

© The Campaign for Drawing

For more about drawing and why we love it so much, click here.

We've got loads of arty games and activities on Show Me's Big Draw topic page for you to try right now.

You know we love seeing your drawings. So, if you'd like to send your pictures in to us we'll try and publish as many as we can.