The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605
Divided Europe
Political Violence and Persecution
Peacemaker - the new King
Conspiracy and deception
Discovery and flight
Torture, trial and execution
Aftermath: From Retribution to Toleration
Aftermath: Commemoration
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The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605
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Divided Europe

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In the Reformation of the sixteenth century Protestants across Europe demanded the reform of the doctrine and the administration of the Roman Catholic Church. They questioned the traditional teachings of the Church and rejected the authority of the Pope in Rome over their own churches.

With the help of some of Europe's rulers the Catholic Church tried to suppress the new heresy. Protestants found their own support among Kings and Princes. In the last thirty years of the sixteenth century Europe was consumed by bitter and bloody religious wars.

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A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World, by John Speed (1631). Royal Geographical Society

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