The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605
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The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605
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With thanks to the following for their generous help with images:

The National Archives (UK)
Victoria and Albert Museum
The British Library
The Trustees of Lambeth Palace Library
The Trustees of the British Museum
National Portrait Gallery
Royal Geographical Society
City of Westminster Archives Centre
Curator of Works of Art, Palace of Westminster
The Speaker of the House of Commons
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Laing Art Gallery (Tyne and Wear Museums)
Denver Art Museum, Colorado
Burntwood School, Tooting
Ladybird Books Ltd

With particular thanks to The Trustees of The British Museum for the use of the playing cards and severed heads on the Children's Zone.

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Particular thanks go to:

David Prior, Caroline Shenton, Steve Chamberlain (Parliamentary Archives)
Paul Seaward, Andrew Thrush, Ruth Paley, Hannes Kleineke (History of Parliament Trust), Pam Rosier (Parliamentary Education Unit), Alex Fuller (Parliamentary Web Content Manager), Andrew Morrison (House of Lords Computer Office), Emma Gormley (Office of the Curator of Works Of Art, Palace of Westminster), Richard Glover.

24 Hour Museum

Anra Kennedy, Head of Learning
Richard Moss, Features Editor
Jon Pratty, Editor
Jane Finnis, Director
Kristen Bailey, Administrator


Alex Buckette: Production Support
Brook Elgie: Developer
Dan Glegg: Developer
Frankie Ridley: Production Support
May Race: Project Manager
Neil Biddlecombe: Producer, Designer and Developer
Rob Day: Chief Technical Officer
Robin Corps: Technical Developer

National Portrait Gallery

Claire Gittings, Education Officer

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