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Treasures from the Hoard

Event, Exhibition (temporary) 11 May 2019 - 27 October 2019
Traprain Hoard

The iconic Traprain Treasure

© Courtesy of the Trustees of National Museums Scotland

    • A stunning new exhibition featuring many iconic pieces from the spectacular hoard of Traprain Treasure found on Traprain Law 100 years ago. This is the first time the internationally significant silver has been displayed in East Lothian since its discovery during a routine archaeological excavation. The Traprain Treasure is the largest hoard of late Roman ‘hacksilver’ found anywhere in Europe. It consists of fragments from over 250 silver objects, that were found buried in a pit within a hill fort during an archaeological excavation. The hoard was buried more than 1,500 years ago, around AD 450. The Treasures from the Hoard exhibition takes over the first gallery of the museum, involving a total revamp of the gallery and features real and replica objects. A programme of talks and events will take place to mark the centenary, both in East Lothian and at the National Museum of Scotland. The exhibition is supported by loans from National Museums Scotland and private lenders, with financial support from Museums Galleries Scotland.
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