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Event, Exhibition (temporary) 13 April 2019 - 1 January 2020
painting of four men in wigs stood and sat around a small round table

© No1 Royal Crescent

    • As the Age of Instagram erodes our mental well-being with manipulated and curated images of ideal lifestyles and standards, this exhibition explores the way Georgians manipulated their own images to convey certain messages. By using these techniques, we aim to create our own manipulated images of historical figures to show how easy it is to create a fictionalised version of our lives today. This exhibition is supported by new art commissions: we have commissioned three artists to create a portrait of Henry Sandford (the house’s first resident) to be displayed in the main house. There is an exhibition guide showing a recommended route, starting with the exhibition room and leading into the house, giving you a deeper understanding of the portraits and images throughout. Free with normal admission to the museum.
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