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James Watt and our World

Event, Exhibition (permanent) 1 November 2014 - 1 November 2022
engraving of James Watt and steam engine

James Watt and the Steam Engine. Print: Engraving with mezzotint. Engraved by James Scott, 1860, after painting by Science Museum Group Collection

© The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum, London

    • Explore the legendary attic workshop of engineer James Watt, preserved as it was when he died in 1819. The workshop is an astonishing time-capsule containing its original furniture, windows, doors and fireplace, and 8,430 fascinating objects left as they were in Watt’s lifetime. See some of Watt’s remarkable inventions that have shaped the way we live today and learn why he was heralded the ‘greatest benefactor of the human race’. From steam power to tea services, explore the relationship between Watt’s steam engine and a new age of consumption. Watt's improved engines meant steam could be used everywhere, from pumping coal mines to powering textile mills and breweries. Find out more about the renowned engineer and his incredible legacy. Visit this gallery to discover remarkable objects that helped shape Britain’s industrial past and future.
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